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Mark Zuckerberg

My favorite part of this year's 365 mile running challenge is the group A Year of Running. More than 130,000 people joined me around the world. I've loved reading your stories about how running has changed your lives -- and even your communities.

One of my favorite stories is how, in France, Nicolas Lemonnier started picking up trash on his runs and posting photos in the group. Lots of people liked and commented on his posts, so Nicolas started a group called Run Eco Team which now has more than 1,500 members who now clean up their communities as they run.

I didn't expect my challenge to run 365 miles would end up organizing people to help the environment. But these challenges always end up going in directions I never could have predicted, and when people come together we can do good things. Thanks to Nicolas and everyone who has been running with me!

RUN ECO TEAM : courir pour un monde plus propre

La Run Eco Team est en mouvement tous les jours, vous pouvez retrouvez les dernières actualités ici- même, les conseils running, les évènements, les émissions RUN ECO TEAM TV, notre partenariat TIRU…

L’association RUN ECO TEAM

L’initiative est présente dans plus de 100 pays dans le monde, nous avons plus de 20000 membres qui courent chaque jour pour la planète. De nombreuses personnalités soutiennent RUN ECO TEAM et partagent nos valeurs à travers le monde.


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